Buyer’s Advocate Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a trendy, highly sought-after suburb based just east of the Melbourne CBD.

It’s well known for its perfect blend of busy urban style and peaceful, relaxed living. When you take a bustling suburb like Richmond and quiet, leafy Camberwell, Hawthorn is the result, resting neatly between the two.

As a historic suburb that has no trouble keeping up with modern tastes, Hawthorn is a fantastic investment for both young, independent people and those with more mature tastes, looking for a little more elegance in their homes.

Whether you’re in the market for a convenient townhouse, a beautiful period home or an apartment with a fantastic view, Hawthorn is a great choice of location.

What is a Buyer’s Advocate?

A buyer’s advocate has one job, and that’s to make the house searching process as simple as possible for you.

This is especially important in a prestigious suburb like Hawthorn, where many properties have limited information available to the public.

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of contacting real estate agents directly and wish to get a better price on your home at the end of it all, a buyer’s advocate can help.

When you go with a buyer’s advocate, you get somebody who will use their extensive knowledge of the local housing market to find you the perfect home, whether it’s for an investment or a place to settle down with your family. Navigating the legalities of purchasing a house is also easier when you have the expert advice of a buyer’s advocate.

Why Use a Buyer’s Advocate?

There are many reasons to go with a buyer’s advocate. Hawthorn is a difficult suburb to find the perfect home in, especially when it comes to ticking every box. Many properties don’t openly display the expected price, but that’s not a problem when you have an agent on your side.

Buyer’s agents can even find properties that aren’t publicly available, having access to exclusive listings. When you use a buyer’s advocate, real estate agents know that you’re serious about buying.

Because buyer’s advocates negotiate with agents on your behalf, they’re able to keep your identity private. The WoledgeHatt team knows the Hawthorn property market intimately, and are able to work around its quirks and intricacies. If you’re looking to invest in a hip, exciting suburb like Hawthorn, we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

To make your house searching process a simple one, get in contact with the WoledgeHatt team on 03 9509 7258. If you’d rather, you can complete our questionnaire and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Hawthorn Property Spotlight

Have a look at the properties we worked with in the Hawthorn area:

How We Help

  • We deal with real estate agents and keep your identity private
  • You will have access to off-market opportunities
  • We will do your bidding at auction and manage the entire buying process
  • We will save you time and stress
  • You will know fair value – you won’t pay too much
  • You won’t buy a bad home!

Our Services

Our full service options include:

  • Detailed Brief – preparation and understanding of what your buying parameters are, including realistic expectations of price, property and position characteristics.
  • Property Search – perform a full search or support your search. Also identifies off-market or quiet sales with access to a full network of key real estate agents.
  • Property Assessment – identifies all aspects of the property, including renovation potential, street and precinct assessment, location logistics for now and in five and 10 years. These assessments are not generic. They are specifically tailored for your personal needs and kept private.
  • Architectural Adviceprovides research and renovation advice, conceptual plans and estimated building costs.
  • Negotiation and Buying Strategy – provides a clear view on the full buying process, including auction purchases, which identifies and plans for specific scenarios, including buying at auction, before auction and after auction, as well as managing and negotiating off-market, private and Expression of Interest campaigns.