Kristen Hatt

Kristen is a licensed real estate agent, who is well-regarded within the Melbourne real estate industry and known for her approachable and consultative style.

Kristen has a thorough knowledge of the real estate industry, having worked as both a buyer advocate and a real estate agent, and she now specialises in buyer advocacy. Kristen specialises in buying high-end family homes, providing accurate and objective assessments of homes, combined with open and honest communication with clients.

Understanding a client’s home buying needs, and guiding them through the options, from assessing homes to purchasing them on their behalf, Kristen helps people to make educated decisions – the cornerstone of her success as a buyer advocate.

As a wife and mother of three, Kristen has a particular understanding of what makes a good family home, and understands the importance of a flexible floor-plan to adjust to changing family dynamics.

Kristen inspects many off-market properties, those that change owners quietly without advertising, and she is diligent in maintaining up-to-date insights on the ever-changing property market.