Lose the View to the Loo!

Lose the View to the Loo!

 One little pet hate I have when inspecting homes is the inappropriate (or thoughtless) positioning of the toilets within the floor plan itself or within the bathroom. There isn’t anything nice about a toilet which is prominently on view as you walk past through a hallway or if you looking through a doorway into a bathroom, irrespective of whether it is clean or not.

 I recently went through a two-storey home which had a powder room located right at the top of the stairs, and when the door was open (as it was in this case), the toilet was on full view. A simple change to the arrangement could have addressed this (see below), and I not sure why the designer did not consider this, as it would have been such a simple thing to do. It is much better to view a vanity by hiding the toilet behind the door swing.


Often toilets are located in open bathroom areas. This is usually OK but again rather a central, prominent position it is much better to locate the toilet to the corner of a room or better still behind a screen.

 These days modern homes will have multiple toilets (sometimes matching the number of bedrooms!) and it is even more important I believe to hide them away.

 When inspecting a home or thing about designing new or renovating really think hard about what you can see from many vantage points. Ugly things such as exposed toilets are not a good look, and can be detrimental to the appeal of the home. If you do happen to buy a home with poor toilet positioning, this can be fixed by changing the door swing or moving the toilet itself – but this could be costly.