Buyer’s Advocate Glen Iris

Located in Melbourne’s leafy east, Camberwell is a suburb renowned for its beautiful, quality homes. With excellent schools and multiple public transport options, Camberwell is the perfect place to raise a family.

Just 10km from the CBD, homeowners in Camberwell find it easy to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance. With great access to the Monash Freeway, residents are surrounded by leading amenities such as a shopping hub, dining precinct and gorgeous parks.

In a prime location, and with a number of quality homes on the market, it’s easy to understand why Camberwell is in such high demand.

What is a Buyer’s Advocate?

A buyer’s advocate simplifies the property purchase process by acting as an intermediary between real estate agents and customers. Using their insider knowledge of the local area, buyer’s advocates negotiate with real estate agents on behalf of their clients. This not only boosts your chances of finding your dream house, but also gives you a unique advantage over the competition and helps you acquire it at the best possible price. 

Securing the best price on your property is only one of the many benefits of working with a buyer’s advocate. Camberwell is an affluent area and some of the most highly sought after properties are not publicly available. When working with a buyer’s advocate, you can gain access to these hidden property listings and expand your search options.

Why Use a Buyer’s Advocate?

In a popular suburb such as Camberwell, a buyer’s advocate can be the difference between quickly and effortlessly finding the property of your dreams, and searching fruitlessly for years.

When working with a buyer’s agent, Camberwell and its property options open up to you. You won’t have to deal with the legal side of purchasing a property, or navigate the tough market with no help. Buyer’s advocates can even keep your identity confidential by negotiating with real estate agents on your behalf, which is important for high-profile buyers. 

At WoledgeHatt, our professional team of buyer’s agents are experts at helping potential homeowners find their dream home in Camberwell. Take your first steps towards new property ownership today by giving us a call on 03 9909 5163, or fill out our simple online questionnaire.

Glen Iris Property Spotlight

Have a look at the properties that we worked with within the Glen Iris area:

How We Help

  • We deal with real estate agents and keep your identity private
  • You will have access to off-market opportunities
  • We will do your bidding at auction and manage the entire buying process
  • We will save you time and stress
  • You will know fair value – you won’t pay too much
  • You won’t buy a bad home!

Our Services

Our full service options include:

  • Detailed Brief – preparation and understanding of what your buying parameters are, including realistic expectations of price, property and position characteristics.
  • Property Search – perform a full search or support your search. Also identifies off-market or quiet sales with access to a full network of key real estate agents.
  • Property Assessment – identifies all aspects of the property, including renovation potential, street and precinct assessment, location logistics for now and in five and 10 years. These assessments are not generic. They are specifically tailored for your personal needs and kept private.
  • Architectural Adviceprovides research and renovation advice, conceptual plans and estimated building costs.
  • Negotiation and Buying Strategy – provides a clear view on the full buying process, including auction purchases, which identifies and plans for specific scenarios, including buying at auction, before auction and after auction, as well as managing and negotiating off-market, private and Expression of Interest campaigns.